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Branding and graphic design services for social good

My mission is to get to the root of yours.

That’s why I created Good World Graphics—a branding and graphic design firm that creates effective, distinctive, influential brands for good people who do good. So if you champion your company's CSR department, need to step up your fundraising event or are one of the little guys who want to go big, we should chat. 
Whether you need a new logo, an annual report, full event design for your next gala, or ongoing graphic design support, I've got you covered. Email me to get this conversation started. It's time for your graphics and messaging to finally define what you were put on this planet to do.
The Goods
Social Good Creative Director—Lisa Hardy

Just like you, wanting to do good, is kind of my thang.

It all probably started when I was around seven years old. Imagine a sword-blazing Hagar the Horrible fighting off a huge, evil pac-man-esque dirt hill, while shouting “Stop the corrosion! Help fight soil erosion.” I won first place that year in the Missouri Agriculture Service Center poster contest, and in my mind, saved the world.
Fast forward to now. I lost the big hair, learned how to drive a car, grew up and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. Along the way I followed my passion for design and the fine art of kerning. Then I left the midwest and tornadoes to join all the surfers and the earthquakes to make my mark in the advertising world. It’s been good, this career, and I’ve worked with many a great company (Facebook, Banana Republic, Visa, Symantec) alongside many great people.
But now I have that itch, I want to feel that feeling I had when I was seven over and over again. Good World Graphics is my way of saving the world, now I'll just be using my pen as my sword. Join me in the fight?
So little time. So many ways to connect.


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